Mexican Independence Day is Not “El 5 de Mayo” ?????


Contrary to popular belief, Mexico does not celebrate its Independence on the 5th of May, aka “El Cinco de Mayo” – which is a day honoring Mexico defeating the French in what is know as the Battle of Puebla  (there were actually many battles but we won’t get into all of that here but you can read this quick little essay for more info).

Mexican Independence Day is the 16th of September, commencing with this guy, Miguel Hidalgo, and his “Grito de Dolores,”  (Cry from Dolores) announcing the beginning of the War for Independence (from Spain). There is an English language, US made film called, “Hidalgo” but we cannot promote it nor assess its accuracy since none of us have seen it…..

But we will celebrate.

So join us next Tuesday, the 16th of September, at Lucky Luna.  There will be no ironic mustaches or sombreros but Lucky Luna will honor this historical day with some food and drink specials, some Mexican and Spanish language music (not all ranchera or mariachi), and some other fun stuff.

independence day