Making Memories: In Body, Mind, and Belly?


Lucky Luna chats with

Priya Patel and Suzy Sorensen

about yoga, food, culture,

and life.

Memory plays an integral role in how we understand food, how we taste, how we smell— mixing and melting into our subconscious in swirls of flavors and nostalgia.  Our homes and heritage play a significant role in our relationships with cuisine.  School lunches, holiday dinners, life-changing travels to new lands or returning to those of our ancestors— all create emotional and gastronomical maps in our memory.  At Lucky Luna, our main focus is obviously on food and drink— the belly.  But we wondered how others, whose lives are devoted to the physical and mental being (and arguably, the spiritual– definition inserted to liking), viewed the role of memory in their lives and so, Lucky Luna sat down with Suzy Sorensen and Priya Patel, two local yoga instructors, to get their two cents.  And, yes, of course we talked about food!
LL: I think the classic profile questions ala “Hefner” style are still a worthy punte d’entre for interviews, so let’s start there (though not to suggest any association with the aforementioned 🙂 ).
Suzy and Priya, please share with us:
1) Favorite place in New York and why
SS: ONE of my favorite places is the Marble Cemetery in the East Village. I have a weird fascination with cemeteries in general. This one is special. It’s totally not scary, but you can really feel that it’s a sacred ground. When I used to live in the EV, my friends and I would go and picnic there – it opens up to the public a few times a year. You can also see a woman walking her white cat there. Sort of creepy?
PP: My apartment. It’s the one place where I can close the door in this crazy busy city, and do whatever I please.
2) Most recent embarrassing moment
SS: My dog barfed in the elevator because he ate too many leaves at the dog park. But I guess that’s more embarrassing for him than for me.
PP: Sometimes I feel like my entire life is just a series of embarrassing moments. Is that embarrassing in itself?
3) Last day on Earth, you have 24 hours, money is no object, what do you do?
PP: Have a delicious, leisurely meal with loved ones, probably do a little yoga, and have more belly laughs than ever.
SS: Spend the day with my beloved boyfriend, dog, and cat – frolicking, eating, and being near the ocean. And also say hi to my parents too. Are we all going to be obliterated together?
4) Most adventurous food you have tried and what’s your oddest craving?
SS: Oh, I don’t know. I grew up eating roasted and dried squid tentacles (oh-jing-uh). My mom would roast them on our stove top, and the whole house would stink wonderfully, and my dad would complain about it. I don’t really eat that stuff these days though. These days I stick to vegetables. I don’t know how adventurous you can get with that. Shiitake carpaccio??  My oddest craving… cucumbers with mayonnaise.
PP: Most adventurous food: blood sausage (meat mixed with blood). I have a secret craving for BBQ pork rinds and Coca-cola… more often than i’d like to admit.
5) Favorite yoga pose
PP: Love a good Dancer Pose. Feels like your entire body is opening up from your finger tips to your toes. Your chest opens up, your hips are releasing… so good.
SS: Crescent pose.  It makes me feel grounded and open at the same time.