Events are at Lucky Luna 167 Nassau Avenue, BK 11222

unless otherwise noted.

Monday, March 2 @ 8pm

(Event takes place at Forrest Point)

Three of Lucky Luna bartenders will be competing at the Brooklyn Preliminary Contest for the NYC Bloody Mary Mix Down. Come and support us and enjoy drink specials @ Forrest Point located at 970 Flushing Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11206



Wednesday, March 4th @ 8pm:

Wino “Wren”sday! Enjoy $2 off all wines by the glass/ $10 off all bottles with the musical stylings of Jenny Wren!

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Wednesday, March 11th @ 8pm:

Wino “Wren”sday! Enjoy $2 off all wines by the glass/ $10 off all bottles with the musical stylings of Jenny Wren!

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Monday, March 16th

Doors at 6:30pm, movie starts @7:30

Join us for our first ever Monday Movie Night! We will start out screening Amores Perros (2000) R 154 min. by award-winning filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman, Babel, Biutiful, etc). Screened in Spanish with English subtitles. Bar service only. Free.

“Three stories of life along the margins in Mexico City converge in this inventive thriller. Octavio is sharing an apartment with his brother, which leads to a serious problem when he falls in love with Susanna, his sister-in-law. Octavio and Susanna want to run away together, but Octavio has no money. He does, however, know a man who stages dog fights, and he volunteers his dog Cofi for the next round of fights. Cofi bravely rises to the occasion, but the dog’s success in the ring leads to a violent altercation. Elsewhere, Daniel, a successful publishing magnate, leaves his family to take up with a beautiful model, Valeria. Valeria, however, soon loses a leg in an auto accident, and as Daniel tends to her needs, her tiny pet dog gets trapped under the floorboards of their apartment. And finally, El Chivo (Emilio Echeverria) is an elderly homeless man who is trying to contact his daughter, whom he hasn’t seen in years. Desperate for money, El Chivo is hired by a businessman to assassinate his partner; however, as he’s following his target, he’s interrupted by an auto accident, from which Octavio and his injured dog stagger in search of help. Amores Perros (aka Love’s a Bitch) was the debut from director Alexandro Gonzalez Inarritu.”

Tuesday, March 24th @7pm

(Event takes place at The Greene Space)

The Taiwanese Table: Cuisine and Identity

Join us in The Greene Space for a tour of what’s cooking now led by Cathy Erway, author of the just-released cookbook The Food of Taiwan. Lucky Luna’s very own chef/owner, Ken Ho, will participate in a panel discussing the world of Taiwanese food and identity with James Beard Award-winning sommelier Belinda Chang; Brian Tsao, Executive Chef at Mira Sushi & Izikaya and Matt Gross, “The Frugal Traveler” columnist for the New York Times and former editor of

After the panel, Cathy Erway will do a cooking demo of the gloriously messy, slurpy sensation that is the Taiwanese oyster omelet. And before you leave you’ll enjoy authentic treats prepared by local Taiwanese restaurateurs including Chef Tsao, Bian Dang, and Lucky Luna.

Tickets on sale now at The Greene Space located at 44 Charlton Street, NY

$25 includes one drink and tastings from 3 Taiwanese restaurants. Seating is limited/ general admission.

Monday, March 30th @7:30pm

Gamba Z and Lucky Luna Artist Salon

GAMBA Z’s Artist Salon is a monthly gathering of artists to showcase/celebrate their work and the power of creativity as a means of collaboration, consciousness, perspective and change. Come on out and support GAMBA Magazine and Lucky Luna’s efforts to build, connect and collaborate with the Brooklyn and beyond artist community. If you have questions or are interested in performing, reading, dancing, singing or any type of presentation please feel free to email Lucky Luna at with subject “Artist Salon”

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Sorry folks, no food- Bar Service Only.

~ Lola D. Pearl
~ Jenny Wren
~ Rickee Stevens

Literary/Visual Artists and Performers include:
~ Nathan Thornhill
~ Autumn Kioti
~ Melissa Hunter Gurney
~ Raquel Penzo
~ Chris Campanioni

Many more to come. . .

Gamba Z and Lucky Luna Artist Salon




Photo: Melissa Hunter Gurney


Lucky Luna welcomes you to join our 3rd Artist Salon presented by the Gamba Magazine crew.  

Monday, January 26th at 7:30pm at Lucky Luna Restaurant and Bar, 167 Nassau Ave, BK 11222

GAMBA Z’s Artist Salon is a monthly gathering of artists to showcase/celebrate their work and the power of creativity as a means of collaboration, consciousness, perspective and change. 

It’s on a  Monday, a day that Lucky is normally closed, so we will be operating bar service only while you are enjoying the performances and art.  So come on out and support GAMBA Magazine and Lucky Luna’s efforts to build,  connect and collaborate with the Brooklyn and beyond artist community. 

If you have questions or are interested in performing, reading, dancing, singing or any type of presentation please feel free to email Lucky Luna at with subject “Artist Salon” or message co-host Melissa Hunter Gurney through the facebook invitation. 

Bring friends, family or kind strangers you meet on the street.

Feel free to share the invite as well! Check it out on facebook. 

Literary/Visual Artists and Performers include:
~ Jenny Wren
~ Rickee Stevens

Literary/Performance Artists:
~ Dolan Morgan
~ Nathan Thornhill
~ Melissa Hunter Gurney
~ Raquel Penzo
~ Joi Sanchez

And many more to come. . .

 See you then!!!!






It’s that time of year that people get and give gifts. 

We are here to help! 

Lucky Luna t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags are on sale now AND we have gift certificates!! 

And just a reminder, we will be closed December 24th and 25th :)  but rocking a fiesta for New Year’s Eve!!! 



Is it really snowing??????

As we prepare for the full fledged season of hot toddies and all things bourbon, sidewalk shoveling, oversized sweaters and infinity scarves, we would like to take a moment and look back at these past couple of months in our Lucky world.

The Halloween/Día de los Muertos weekend was a fun one, filled with costumes, candy, altars, trick-or-treaters… With the current show, La Vida de los Muertos, the perfect backdrop was set for the festivities.

Friday, Ken and Marisa tried to be as “professional” as possible, and Saturday, our awesome make-up artist neighbor, Kate, donated her time and skills to transform their faces.

Sunday, we cheered on the amazing marathoners for a few minutes before brunch and mimosas.


We experimented with new drinks and bites, a few of which have found their way to our autumn menu.


We also experienced a little print fame and mingled with celebrities…  our michelada is featured in New York Magazine’s Winter Wedding Issue! And Ken was affectionately “greeted” by Swatch, the beloved resident of Mood, frequently featured on Project Runway.


And of course, Drake, our tried and true companion, mascot and comic relief, has been as patient and playful as ever.

So what’s in store????

First- we’re making the move to Seamless and expanding our delivery range- stay tuned!

Second- we’re filling the calendar for New Year’s festivities, art shows, artist salons and events, movies, swap meets, and more! Check back for updates and info on how to get involved.

Email to be added to our event email list & follow us on twitter @luckylunany to stay in the loop!



Re-imagining Puerto Rico: Lucky Luna’s Cocina Criolla Supper Club

Bili_MarinWattsBilí Ingredients/ Photo by Marin Watts

Re-imagining Puerto Rico

Lucky Luna’s Cocina Criolla Supper Club

7pm on November 17th, 2014

Lucky Luna’s first supper club aims to complicate popular notions of Puerto Rican cuisine and re-imagining traditional dishes. The evening is centered around bilí — a rum that is  infused with vanilla bean, bay leaf, peppercorns and cinnamon that originated on the island of Vieques off the coast of Puerto Rico. In collaboration with Von Diaz,  writer, cook, and journalist, we bring you a sit-down dinner with recipes from her Puerto Rican food memoir and cookbook in progress, Gordita, complete with beverage pairings that feature bilí and other Puerto Rican flavors. Each dish will be presented within cultural and historical context, introducing diners to Puerto Rican ingredients and techniques. In an effort to keep the night intimate and allow for conversation, we are limiting the supper club to 20 guests. The $80 ticket includes the 5 courses with drink pairings.* Reservations are required, cancellations are honored though Nov. 14th.

 Tickets can be purchased at:

For more information about this event, please email:

To learn more about Von’s project, please visit:

*Please review menu for allergies or dietary restrictions and note that we will be unable to make substitutions

The Menu



dark rum, quenepas, vanilla bean, bay leaf, peppercorns, cinnamon, brown sugar

Sopa de plátanos fritos

fried plantain and beef soup


Mas que un mojito

white rum, culantro, lime, raw sugar, vanilla, pineapple, mineral water

Pernil Bao with salsa aji-li-mojili

pork shoulder stuffed steamed bun


Cono Sur Sauvignon Blanc

2012/Central Valley, Chile

Ensalada de Chayote, Habichuelas Tiernas, Tomates, y Aguacate

chayote, green beans, tomato and avocado salad


Cono Sur Pinot Noir

2012/Central Valley, Chile

Conejo Estofado

braised rabbit with chorizo sofrito and chard


Cafecito de Naranja

coffee, coffee liqueur, dark rum, orange bitters


pumpkin, sweet potato and coconut milk

La Vida de los Muertos



El Día de los Muertos is not Halloween.  It is not about trick-or-treating. It is not a celebration of death.

What it is, is a celebration of life.

It is a time to honor and remember the lives of those who have passed.

It is a time for friends, family and communities to gather and rejoice in life.

Muertos is just as much about color, brightness and laughter as it is about mourning, reflection and stillness.

Skulls and skeletons comprise much of the iconography surrounding Muertos, yet the darkness of their morbidity is juxtaposed by the sweetness of sugar from which they are made.  The silence and sorrow that surrounds a funeral, is contrasted by the comparsas band, leading family and friends in a joyful dancing frenzy as they wake the sleeping spirits.


Candles illuminate tombstones and altars, covered in marigolds (the flower of death) and gifts of the dearly departed’s favorite beer, tequila, snack and sweet.  Altars and sand “carpets” (tarpetas de arena) also pay homage to the symbiotic relationship that is shared with the earth, using naturally different colored tierra, sand, maiz, seeds, fruits and nuts to illustrate stories of pre-hispanic time and detail the cycle of life.

In Mexico, the word death is not taboo.  It is a part of life and therefore cannot be removed or ignored.  Irrespective of religious beliefs (and at times contradictory), death is not viewed as finite.  El Día de los Muertos (which is actually more than one day), is a chance for the living to gather and visit with loved ones who have left this world.  It doesn’t matter if the spirits – or whatever they may be called –  actually come back to the world of the living— the significance, rather, is in the life of those that have passed, relived in the festivities of remembrance.


Lucky Luna’s final show this year, La Vida de los Muertos, is a photojournalistic journey through Oaxaca, Mexico with nearly 100 images taken during Day of the Dead in 2009 and 2010.  Lucky Luna will also feature food and beverage specials October 31-Nov 2 in recognition of this holiday. 

La Vida de los Muertos is dedicated to Lucia Ana Flores Cadena, Jesus Cadena, Herminia Cadena, Tommy Jenkins, Sandy Rademacher, Richard Belski and Daniel Schingeck. 



Mexican Independence Day is Not “El 5 de Mayo” ?????


Contrary to popular belief, Mexico does not celebrate its Independence on the 5th of May, aka “El Cinco de Mayo” – which is a day honoring Mexico defeating the French in what is know as the Battle of Puebla  (there were actually many battles but we won’t get into all of that here but you can read this quick little essay for more info).

Mexican Independence Day is the 16th of September, commencing with this guy, Miguel Hidalgo, and his “Grito de Dolores,”  (Cry from Dolores) announcing the beginning of the War for Independence (from Spain). There is an English language, US made film called, “Hidalgo” but we cannot promote it nor assess its accuracy since none of us have seen it…..

But we will celebrate.

So join us next Tuesday, the 16th of September, at Lucky Luna.  There will be no ironic mustaches or sombreros but Lucky Luna will honor this historical day with some food and drink specials, some Mexican and Spanish language music (not all ranchera or mariachi), and some other fun stuff.

independence day

Summer Love

Summer 2014 has been pretty eventful thus far-

From our very first artist salon ending in a late night tango 

(if you would like to receive notice of our events, please send an email with subject “Add me!” to – and we promise not to flood your inbox!)


to World Cup frenzy


and Department of Health inspections

to celebrating a birthday and a wedding!


We also added a bunch of new concoctions to our “Cocktail del Dia” collection


We started #WinoWednesday with $2 off all wine by the glass

and #TacoTuesday featuring $1 Tecate and $2 Espolón Tequila shots with an order of 2 tacos

And, by popular demand and consistent request, we have started to jar our ¡HOT! sauce (you can pick up a 3oz jar at Lucky Luna for only $6) 

So while we all know that the approaching autumn is inevitable, Drake reminds us to savor every sunny day with unbridled enthusiasm.  See you at Lucky Luna!






La Sirena by Melissa Hunter Gurney and Zhenya Bernadskaya

Zhenya 5

La Sirena: A collection of words and photos

July 7th – September 29th, 2014

Opening Reception July 7th, 7pm – 10pm

Lucky Luna Restaurant and Bar, 167 Nassau Ave., BK 11222

La Abuela was magnificently named. In many cultures the only women who aren’t identified as gifts of sensual pleasure and desire are the old ones, the ones who are no longer pleasing to the eye. Because of fallen skin covering once lush curves they resemble dried up flowers and no longer arouse us. We don’t want to smell the soft necks of wilted tulips or run our fingers over crispy hydrangeas – nothing about a wilted, dried up flower appeals to the senses but we still respect these flowers because they remind us of certain truths – their age and lack of moisture tells a story of a moment or an emotion we were unable to express.

La Abuela was different, she was an enigma, she was given the name “The Grandmother” inciting the idea that she was more than the wise, wilted, orchid storyteller but she was all the wise, wilted, orchid storyteller’s: the bird of paradise, the bougainvillea, the daffodil, the rose and the peony. She was given this name before her skin fell, before her hair greyed and before her walk lost the same flavor as her eyes – the flavor of desire, passion and the hunt. Men treated her as if she birthed them, pausing in her presence to ponder the confusion of lust and maternal love.

La Abuela was granted a passage in-between worlds.

La Abuela spoke to her sisters in metaphors and made the English language sound like a poem.

“You are 100 petals without a stem to hold you, without soil to keep you in place. The wind divides you and the sun changes the color of your complexion giving you a different name each day: begonia, carmelitilla, aguilena.” She whispered their names softly paying homage to a goddess.

“First you must trust the people. Their lives and their places will bring you pedals again. Then, you will go in search of a stem – you only find a stem by looking mi hermana.”  When she called me her sister I felt the pleasure of a little girl with fruit dripping from her mouth and hands.

“In some countries a woman who rebels is referred to as La Puta, in other countries she is called La Sirena – an individual, a rebel who cannot be chained by the shackles of tradition.”

“Do not misunderstand mi hermana. Not every woman is granted the freedom to use her talent as she pleases. A man knows a woman who chooses frivolity and insecurity over intellectuality and confidence – only one is called La Sirena because she is other worldly, a temptress made to breath in two lands – the air of tradition and the water of the wild. Every woman must know who they are before entering into a life of lust because if she is merely human she will be spit on for the choices she makes.” 
Zhenya 4
Melissa Hunter Gurney is an independent writer and the founder of GAMBA Zine – a literary magazine dedicated to art and rooted in passion and thoughtfulness without the politics of publication. She is connected to the artist life as seen throughout South America and writes for La Gente Descalza (The Barefoot People).  You can follow M.H. Gurney’s work at and


Zhenya Bernadskaya is a Brooklyn based photographer from Ukraine. Zhenya combines her background as an Occupational Therapist, working with children, with her passion for photography and travel. She spends her time wandering the streets of NYC and beyond with her camera. Most of the images from this exhibition are from her travels in South America. You can follow Zhenya’s current work at

Please join us at Lucky Luna (167 Nassau Ave., BK) on July 7th, 7 – 10pm, for the opening reception and artist salon where Melissa and Zhenya will be accompanied by other local artists sharing their work over wine and cocktails!

Say Hello to Summer!!!

As Lucky Luna bids adieu to spring, we wanted to share some of the activities and dishes we have enjoyed since our last update.

Negroni Week was a lot of fun as we celebrated this classic cocktail and did a slew of original variations (a new one each day) all in the name of charity. Check out our takes below:

Hop Fresh  House Hop-infused Gin, London Dry Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Branca Menta

The Rossellini Dry Sherry, Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Dry Vermouth

Rum and Rye Roni  Smith & Cross Jamaican Overproof Rum, Rye, Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Chocolate Bitters

Agave Garden  Mezcal, Cocchi Americano, Cynar, Aperol, Campari and Angostura Bitters

Poblano Rojo  Gin, Campari, Ancho Chili Liquor, Cynar and Orange Bitters

The Managua  Rum, Dry Vermouth, Velvet Falernum, Campari


And in accordance to our philosophy of consistently finding ways to create and engage the community in arts and services, not just through delicious food and drink, Lucky Luna hosted its first Ladies Swap Meet!  Participants brought in choice items such as clothing, art, books, shoes and more to trade, swap and just give away to other attendees.  The only rule was that items could not be exchanged for money, only other goods or services.  New friendships were formed over piles of clothes, cocktails, and laughter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lucky Luna also has been working diligently on setting up our Take-Out Window!

As summer has been approaching with her hot and sunny days and warm nights, we have been experimenting with some cool dishes, savoring spicy Micheladas and enjoying visits from our furry neighbors out for a stroll!

AND we got another slew of Kickstarter out in the mail with one round left!

And received our Best and Most Original Bloody Mary plaques!

Last but not least—- we FINALLY, after a year of requests, have a graffiti-free restaurant!!!!

And so we welcome summer with open arms and eagerly await new surprises, new guests, and new adventures! Happy Summer!!!