This Side of McGuinness

So I guess it’s really happening…..

It’s been a whirlwind week for the Lucky Luna team.

To the moon and back with emotions, ideas, revampings, panic, and elation.  Exactly one week ago we invited a troop of friends and family to give us their constructive criticisms on the whole package of what is Lucky Luna— and they did.  And we listened.

Thursday afternoon we unlocked the door, lit a couple of candles and flipped that open sign.  In an increasingly solid trickle, neighbors and friends and random passerby-ers graced the tables and barstools of our beloved restaurant.  We learned stories and gossip about the neighborhood, the people, and Greenpoint history from the local denizens. Tales of old school mob allegiances, oil companies and waterfront conspiracies, aspirations for community gardens, and memories of someone’s first (and best) job at the former “Frozen Fantasies” just up the street— which was an ice cream shop in case it wasn’t clear 😉

We solidified our understanding of, and reverence for, “this side of McGuinness”, as repeatedly uttered by our neighbors.  And while we hold no ill will or distaste for “the other side of McGuinness” or as Rosie of Greenpointers says, “OSOM”— we are proud members of “this side.”

The eye-opening realization that this is really actually happening has been seeing our name, our food, our story, on the pages of a spattering of media outlets. We had been trying to get Google to acknowledge our existence on the map, unsuccessfully so for months.  And wham! one Yelp review (which was awesome!) and we are legitimized by Google so that Iphones and Androids alike can plan routes from their front door to ours. And with that one Yelp,  the reviews and articles have been rolling.  It’s surreal.  I must admit though, it’s a terrifying feeling, too.  To be judged doesn’t feel so fantastic…… but watching a neighbor’s face light up after one bite of a steamed bun, or slowly close their eyes, savoring that first sip of their cocktail, or the belly laughs had by two neighbors becoming instant friends from sitting side-by-side at our bar— are priceless and make the whole experience worth it.

Thanks for an incredible week and here’s to a million more!

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 11.46.19 AM