Done Kicking, on to More Painting

It has been another jam-packed week for the Lucky crew.

First and foremost, we met our Kickstarter goal!!!! What a rewarding experience to have been able to share the creation of Lucky Luna with so many people AND receive soooooooo much support on top of it all! I don’t know how many times I can say it, but we are truly humbled by the generosity and love shown.  We could not have done it without our amazing friends and family who have been with us through thick and thin, way before Lucky Luna began this journey.  And our fans, what an amazing group of people you are! To believe in us, our vision and our ability to execute it is inspirational, motivational and simply wonderful.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.55.49 PM

While not staring at our Kickstarter pages and refreshing every 30 seconds, we did manage to do some actual work on Lucky Luna.  The trillion layers of paint that never seemed to end (with more to go yet!) and our first attempt at hanging wallpaper filled our days and nights.  The glimmer of  light came when we were joined by friends who came bearing gifts of congrats, providing us with a well-needed break, and an invitation by another to a lovely wine-tasting, to help us find our perfect California Cab.

Tired but we keep on trekking.  At the end of the day, we wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂      OUR WAY.


Lucky Luna Workout and Diet Routine

A few of the unexpected physical results of starting a restaurant may include:

  • overdeveloped trap and lat muscles from a week worth of painting ceilings and walls
  • nice and tight forearms from a handful 8 hour shifts sanding
  • loose waistbands from too many days forgetting to eat until 10pm intermixed with daily walks with the puppy for much needed fresh air and decompression

It’s true.  Starting a business is not for the faint or weary.  It may result in weight loss, grey hair, and inexplicable bouts of energy and euphoria or paranoia and pessimism.  

The key to survival is twofold.

1) It requires awesome friends and family who tell you that you are not crazy and that they believe in you.  They even bring you sandwiches (because they know you probably forgot to eat) or coffee (because they know you’ll be at it for another 6 hours).  They walk your puppy when you need to stay and put on just one more coat before you can leave.  They tell other people how rad they think you are and how they have watched you cultivate and develop your vision for years.  They perfectly time making you dinner while you’re prying tiles from the kitchen floor, so it’s hot and ready when you finally get home.  They also give you actual money to help you make it all happen (Kickstarter!)

2) It requires an equally awesome team.  The stressful, confusing, exciting, exhilarating, and nauseating experience of opening a restaurant is best experienced in the company of others, especially the others who are going through all of the same emotions.  The team is more than that though.  The team fills in where you can’t and picks up the pieces you accidentally dropped.  The team compliments and complements you, both vital to sanity and well-rounded plans of action.

For these reasons, the Lucky Luna crew feels pretty darn lucky.

Since we embarked on this venture we have learned a lot about ourselves and each other.  We all have experience opening restaurants for other people, but adding our own blood, sweat and tears AND  money, ideas, creativity and heart, is in an entirely different dimension.  The stakes are higher, but the rewards are greater, too.  Not monetary rewards (no one goes into the restaurant biz for that!), but rather the types that come with the satisfaction of molding and shaping a vision into a reality that incorporates the ethics, the ideas, and the talents you and your team possess into this beautiful thing that is finally free to exist outside of your imagination.

We’re still at the molding stage, the sweaty (and sometimes bloody and tear-filled) stage of the process but we get glimpses of the end here and there. And it looks pretty.

We thank all of you who have shared in the process with us.  We are stronger, smarter and happier people because of you and Lucky Luna is one step closer to being a reality each and every day thanks to you.  We have almost hit our Kickstarter goal of 28k!  You all have made this possible! THANK YOU!!!

Keep sharing, keep liking ( and contributing 😉  ) with 4 days left to make the final push!! It’s all or nothing folks! 



Marisa, Ken, and Howard


It’s been a big week for the Lucky Luna crew.  

We made a few trips to Hartsdale to start working with a DIY (Do-it-yourself) program to build our bar and back bar.  We have the hard work ethics and creativity juices flowing a plenty, but carpentry skills … could be a wee bit more developed.  It has been a great and challenging experience— from picking out the wood to literally making the cuts to form the bar.  We chose a beautiful Ambrosia Maple.  The once normal maple tree is infested with the little ambrosia beetle that burrows and tunnels through the wood, leaving these watercolor-like stains in its wake.  The tree is then susceptible to a spalt fungus, which combined with the beetle’s traces, creates unique and intricate ink-like blue, black, pink and purple swirls and splashes.

Ambitious and enthusiastic, we plunged right in.  But like most anything that is worth it, the process always takes longer than you’d think.  Even still, being outdoors, amidst the changing leaves and crisp autumn air, while hard work, has been a welcome respite of sorts to the city runnings to Home Depot and departments of this and that, procuring all of the equipment, certificates and permits and applications necessary to open doors.

And we haven’t been the only busy ones.  Our awesome team has been working at lightning speed to get the brick and mortar outfitted with a new ceiling and solid and sturdy frame for our bar top. 

Last but certainly not least, we have passed the halfway point for our Kickstarter campaign!  It’s thrilling and encouraging to have received so much support and love.  The scary part is the fact that if we do not hit our goal of 28k, we will NOT receive ANYTHING 😦  We are over halfway to meeting it with only 11 days left!!!! 

We are simply asking that our friends, family and fans continue to share our story and campaign. No contribution is too small (or too big!).  We have also added another prize tier! Our hoodies have gotten so much love, we decided to offer them as a full on reward.  Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, too! 



Ken, Howard and Marisa