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The Mission: 

Lucky Luna believes in the local— striving to serve hand-selected products made by our neighbors and the surrounding area whenever possible.  We are constantly looking for new ways to be a sustainable, earth and animal- friendly business.  We also believe in the power of community and art— supporting the efforts of local artists and students by providing a space to share and celebrate their creations.  Our mission is to carefully craft a place that welcomes our neighbors to meet with friends and make new ones, to try new flavors, and to learn about different dishes, drinks, art, and music.  As residents of Brooklyn, we are deeply committed to serving our vibrant community and local commerce.  As owners, we not only embrace diversity, we embody it.  Representing a range of ethnic, linguistic and regional backgrounds ourselves, we are confident our guests will feel at home in Lucky Luna.  

The Crew:


Ken Ho, Beverage Director/Owner

Ken Ho’s first job was working in his parents’ Taiwanese restaurant in the Bay Area of California and he hasn’t left the food and beverage industry since. Ken’s experience extends to every sector of the restaurant world, from serving to managing to bar tending in some of California and New York’s most renowned Michelin star/James Beard award-winning establishments. His most recent adventure is at the helm of Lucky Luna, a Taiwanese and Mexican street-style inspired restaurant that he co-owns with his wife.  Ho has returned to his roots, exploring the Taiwanese food of his youth, recreating and reinventing it alongside the Mexican dishes nostalgic to his partner.




Marisa Cadena, General Manager/Owner

Marisa’s first job was in high school washing dishes at a small Italian restaurant.  She quickly moved up to delivery girl, prep cook and waitress.  Marisa has worked in many capacities in cafés, bars and restaurants across the country and in southern Mexico.  Aside from an expansive knowledge of the food service industry, Marisa has devoted years to arts and educational programming, youth development and sustainability organizations.  As an artist herself, Marisa’s goal is to create a space for local artists to share, develop, and showcase their work as well as provide a warm environment for guests to enjoy and learn about Mexican and Taiwanese fare, make friends with their neighbors, and to simply unwind.  Marisa also speaks Spanish, is learning Portuguese, loves dancing and yoga, and completed a Master’s in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU.

Front Proof

The Eats:
Lucky Luna’s menu is inspired by the classic foods found in popular Mexican and Taiwanese street corners and hidden pockets favored by locals.  Surprisingly, Oaxaca and Taipei have more in common than one may have guessed, each playing with the search for the perfect balance of sweet and spice, savory meats, crisp vegetables, and ripe fruits in hand-sized treats.  While focusing on these regions, Lucky Luna also pulls influence from South and Central America and greater Asia in our modern approach to favorites by incorporating different cooking techniques and healthy alternative ingredients.  Lucky Luna makes a concerted effort to use humanely raised, hormone, preservative and antibiotic-free, all-natural meats and made products whenever possible. Two of our mainstays, tortillas and steamed buns, are made locally by Tortilleria Nixtamal in Queens and Peking Foods in Brooklyn.  Tortilleria Nixtamal uses 100% non-genetically modified and non-transgenic corn in their tortillas, chips and hominy.

The Drinks:
Embracing standard, time-honored libations with parallel fervor for innovations, Lucky Luna’s beverage selection promises to appease and challenge traditionalists and introduce novices to new delights.  Mezcal served with chili salt and oranges, kimchi and nori Bloodys, and Captain’s Bloods done right, are rules we live by.  Lucky Luna’s wine list pays homage to the “New World” by highlighting affordable beauties from the south found in Chile and Argentina, out west from our beloved California, and of course, locally, through both vintners and  importers.

Current Hours (subject to change)
Closed on Monday
Tuesday 530pm- 11pm (happy hour 530 – 7)
Wednesday – Friday 12pm – 11pm (happy hour 12 – 7)
Saturday 12pm – 11pm  
Sunday 12pm – 10pm 
Plus specials in bar and dining room daily! 

The Extras:
Lucky Luna is more than just awesome food and drink, we are proud to serve as a welcoming and supportive space for local and student artists, writers, chefs, and small business owners through the events and initiatives we take on, such as supper clubs with guest chefs, art shows and workshops, reading series and writing circles, educator meet-ups, sustainability workshops, and more! This blog is dedicated to these endeavors with categories and pages devoted to providing more information, an opportunity to engage, and a chance to learn more about different projects, people, and events.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to the ‘hood! Saw the awning and LOVE the Luna logo. 🙂 I wonder if your restaurant will have any *fabulous* veg options? I read that you are aspiring to be “animal friendly” so I hope this is the case… p.s. the McGolrick Park farmer’s market (every Sunday; winter market coming to the church) will be an outstanding resource for any local produce / products… 😉

    • Thanks for the warm welcome 🙂
      We love the neighborhood! We have already scouted out the farmer’s market and are excited to integrate the local produce and goods in our menu. The market was one of the reasons we chose our location.
      Our restaurant aspires to offer something for everyone, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices. Corn and rice are two staples from our cultures that are naturally both of those things. As for animals, yes, we love them. We strive to ensure that the meats we use come from farms that treat animals humanely, are free from chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, and are fed natural ingredients/free-range.

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