Lauren Goldstein’s “Break Through” Opening Reception Feb 1st!


Break through
There’s a disconnection
From mind to body
Artist to viewer
From one to another
Plaster is a language in which I can express what I can’t put into words
The duality of the material
Displays disintegration or reconnection
Broken plaster that doesn’t fully create a body
The casts are never fully satisfied as a human form
I can control the plaster
But there’s always unexpected moments
Like my emotions sometimes leaking in
The segments of living plants
Breaking through
Filling the gaps
Becoming whole again

“Breaking Through” represents the parts of me that I rarely get to express.  This series of sculptures are a personal transition, symbolizing the empowerment in vulnerability that often gets repressed in society.  The display of these sculptures tells a narrative of the disintegration or rebuilding of the human body.  It shows us the duality of the connections and disconnections associated with human sexuality; the same duality that happens within my own mind.  There are tactile transitional aspects of the sculptures which are achieved through the use of plaster as medium.  Plaster mutates the realistic areas to the coarse texture, showing the tearing of insides and meshing of two textures; the disintegration and repairing of the emotional elements.  Plaster has become a language in which I can express what I can’t put into words; it’s something I can control.  Yet there are always unexpected moments like where the bodies allow plants to break through and fill the voids.  The plants play a part in the duality of the contrasting material; still captured life with living growing life creating a wholesome and balanced feeling.

____ Lauren Goldstein


Lauren Goldstein is a Brooklyn based figurative sculptor focusing on the human form and the connections people have with one another. With a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology, her sculptors mainly feature plaster forms, and more recently the incorporation of organic life. The life-size pieces leave the viewer with a very humanistic view and make you question the connections we make within ourselves and with the people around us.

Please join us for the opening reception:

Lucky Luna, 167 Nassau Ave. BK 11222

from 7-10pm on February 1st, 2016!!

Music, merriment, beverages and art! 

Facebook invite/info:

For more on Lauren:


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