The High Road and Other News

Well folks, Lucky Luna’s train has continued to pummel forth at high speed into out third month open.

A few weeks ago, a review about Lucky Luna appeared in a little newspaper called the New York Times—  and apparently, they have a pretty big readership base.  On the local level, we graced the front page of the Greenpoint Gazette!  We are overjoyed with the attention that these pieces have brought us, coming hand-in-hand with the increasingly warm and sunny days that every New Yorker desperately desired.  And while the cold and grey still make frequent visits, Lucky Luna feels like a spring breaker— ready for adventure.

On the 14th, we opened the show, “Creosote” by Tessa Estelle Kramer, a textile artist from Arizona and current Brooklyn denizen.  A humble but hearty turnout to the reception brought Ms. Kramer one sale and two commissions! Creosote will be hung at Lucky Luna til mid June, so there is plenty of time to check it out.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.39.37 PM

Today, April 23rd, marks the first day of “High Road Restaurant Week” –  a week long celebration of restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn that are recognized for implementing fair labor practices in their establishments by paying higher wages, offering opportunities for advancement, complying and exceeding labor laws, and supporting positive and healthy work environments in addition to their dishes.  Lucky Luna is proud to be a participating member of this event, honoring not only amazing food and drinks, but the people who are the magic and the muscle behind providing these treats.

AND this Sunday, April 27th, from 1pm -4pm, we will be participating (and competing) in the THE 1ST ANNUAL BROOKLYN BLOODY MARY FESTIVAL !  The festival will be held at Tacu Tacu 134 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg.

The event will be 3 hours of unlimited Bloody tastes from 10 different Brooklyn restaurants/bars with brunch snacks and music! We will be serving up our Kimchee and Nori Bloody! 

Tickets include unlimited Bloody Marys and brunch snacks $35 – available April 12th and until the event sells out
Tickets here:



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