Lucky Luna is thrilled to announce our next featured artist, Andrea Jane (A.J.) Springer.  Springer’s show, “Submerged”, will be on view throughout the summer, commencing with the opening reception, Monday, June 22nd at 7pm, where guests will have a chance to be among the first to view the works,  meet the artist, and enjoy a cocktail or two with the other art lovers.  facebook event page
       “Submerged”  is hauntingly beautiful, belonging to a both morbid and graceful dance.  When asked to elaborate on her pieces, her motivation and intention, A.J. explains that her work, “reflects the idea of diverse connotations and emotions people associate with what is not just a depiction of another human, but is also a projection of their own inner core. I focus on innate primordial truths held by human curiosity such as duality in nature, sexuality and violence, instinctual reactions and fragmentation of the figure. I’m interested in pushing the viewer into an awareness of the body and their ever-changing relationship to it.  In this work, the forms are submerged. I use water as a symbol for the universal struggle we all experience with not only others but also ourselves, and use this environment to explore the dialectic metaphors and narratives the act of drowning can evoke based on primal instinct. I want to push the feeling of suffocation, a subconscious fear that resonates both emotionally and physically. By challenging the viewer to process and internalize these impassioned moments unfolding in the deep, I hope to build connections between my work and a universal understanding, and to bring the viewer to reevaluate their role and experience in the human condition.
This series is dedicated in memory and honor of Jeffrey K. Fisher.”
A.J. Springer attended Fashion Institute of Technology and received her BFA in Fine Arts and Art History. Despite her original training as draftsmen, her interests have also expanded to various types of painting, printmaking, and sculpture, including wood and metalworking. A.J. is continually looking for new mediums and methods with which to experiment. A.J. is an active member of Urban Studio Unbound, a Non-profit artist collective of FIT students, alumni and professors dedicated to providing members with a bridge between their studio/classroom studies and the external art world via public art projects, exhibitions and other art related activities. More info about about Unbound can be see on
Samples of A.J.’s work can be seen on her website,

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