Goodbye Lullaby Land

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We are proud to welcome yet another talented artist to grace the walls of Lucky Luna.  Please join us for the opening reception for “Goodbye Lullaby Land” by Rachel O’Donnell on Monday, April 6th from 7- 9 pm at Lucky Luna Restaurant and Bar, 167 Nassau Avenue, BK 11222

“Goodbye to Lullaby Land encapsulates work from the portrait series, Motherhood (2015), In Cold Blood (2014) and The Brides (2013). The title for this show symbolizes a shift in my approach to painting and my hesitation to embrace adulthood’s austerity.

The Brides and In Cold Blood series both share inspiration from 1950s & 1960s imagery and focus on a more traditional style of portrait composition. The Brides represent my first use of oil sticks in painting and juxtaposes the very formal and imposing institution of marriage with naïve childlike doodling. The two paintings from the In Cold Blood series are inspired by the revolutionary Truman Capote book which shocked America with its depiction of the 1959 Clutter family murder in Kansas.

My newest series, Motherhood, utilizes another method of creating I call, sticker painting. Sticker painting uses different characters or forms that are seemingly flat, like a children’s sticker, collaged into a singular piece. It represents a large change from the looming singular portraits of my other series. The three paintings from the Motherhood series explore the ideas and fear of becoming a mother and loosing your singular identity in society.

Painted exclusively on canvas, these oil stick portraits are fiercely depicted and unapologetically feminine. With my work, I hope to show that abstract work does not have to be masculine, genderless or monochromatic to be important or good. The theme of the pieces may vary but they all center around the paradox of a creating a vulnerable monster who gains your sympathy but paralyzes you with fear. My artwork serves to express one of the greatest human flaws: the desire to connect and communicate crippled by the inability to do so.”  – Rachel


Motherhood- This first piece in my Motherhood series explores a new approach to painting using a method I call “sticker painting”. Sticker painting uses different characters or forms that are seemingly flat, like a children’s sticker, collaged into a singular piece. In Motherhood, I wanted to capture the overwhelming anxiety of the subject and used Jean Fouquet’s Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels as inspiration from my central figure.







Motherhood: En Colère – This second piece of the Motherhood series also uses a technique I call “sticker painting” where I use different characters or forms that are seemingly flat, like a children’s sticker, and collage them into a singular piece. I wanted to capture the madness and chaos that often follows raising children and the feeling of losing your singular sense of identity. The title of the piece is wordplay on the similarly sounding French phrases en couleurs (meaning to be in color) and en colère (to be angry).







Werewolf– This is the first piece from my In Cold Blood series and depicts the tormented and violent Perry Smith. Murderer Perry Smith conjures up dark feelings of sympathy and disgust, making for a rich and challenging subject to paint.









Bonnie- This second piece of my In Cold Blood series depicts the fragile and melancholic housewife, Bonnie Clutter. Although she played the part of the Mid-western homemaker, her neighbors first wondered if she could have been behind her family’s shocking deaths in Holcomb, Kansas.







Born in Dallas, Texas, Rachel O’Donnell is an artist based out of the Brooklyn, New York area. With her BFA in Fine Art from Pratt Institute, she has spent the last six years pursuing an art career on the east coast. Her work has been featured in art galleries, such as, The Painting Center, Westbeth Gallery, Greenpoint Gallery, and in the famed Seagram building for a Gagosian Gallery sponsored show. She has also been published online by Vice Magazine, ArtbombNY, GAMBA Zine and has been featured in the New York Times reviewed Bushwick Open Studios twice. Painting primarily portraits, Rachel O’Donnell’s work is known for its intriguing use of colors and expressionist qualities. Working primarily with acrylic paint and oil sticks, Rachel creates her works at her studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


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