Gamba Z and Lucky Luna Artist Salon




Photo: Melissa Hunter Gurney


Lucky Luna welcomes you to join our 3rd Artist Salon presented by the Gamba Magazine crew.  

Monday, January 26th at 7:30pm at Lucky Luna Restaurant and Bar, 167 Nassau Ave, BK 11222

GAMBA Z’s Artist Salon is a monthly gathering of artists to showcase/celebrate their work and the power of creativity as a means of collaboration, consciousness, perspective and change. 

It’s on a  Monday, a day that Lucky is normally closed, so we will be operating bar service only while you are enjoying the performances and art.  So come on out and support GAMBA Magazine and Lucky Luna’s efforts to build,  connect and collaborate with the Brooklyn and beyond artist community. 

If you have questions or are interested in performing, reading, dancing, singing or any type of presentation please feel free to email Lucky Luna at with subject “Artist Salon” or message co-host Melissa Hunter Gurney through the facebook invitation. 

Bring friends, family or kind strangers you meet on the street.

Feel free to share the invite as well! Check it out on facebook. 

Literary/Visual Artists and Performers include:
~ Jenny Wren
~ Rickee Stevens

Literary/Performance Artists:
~ Dolan Morgan
~ Nathan Thornhill
~ Melissa Hunter Gurney
~ Raquel Penzo
~ Joi Sanchez

And many more to come. . .

 See you then!!!!






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