Is it really snowing??????

As we prepare for the full fledged season of hot toddies and all things bourbon, sidewalk shoveling, oversized sweaters and infinity scarves, we would like to take a moment and look back at these past couple of months in our Lucky world.

The Halloween/Día de los Muertos weekend was a fun one, filled with costumes, candy, altars, trick-or-treaters… With the current show, La Vida de los Muertos, the perfect backdrop was set for the festivities.

Friday, Ken and Marisa tried to be as “professional” as possible, and Saturday, our awesome make-up artist neighbor, Kate, donated her time and skills to transform their faces.

Sunday, we cheered on the amazing marathoners for a few minutes before brunch and mimosas.


We experimented with new drinks and bites, a few of which have found their way to our autumn menu.


We also experienced a little print fame and mingled with celebrities…  our michelada is featured in New York Magazine’s Winter Wedding Issue! And Ken was affectionately “greeted” by Swatch, the beloved resident of Mood, frequently featured on Project Runway.


And of course, Drake, our tried and true companion, mascot and comic relief, has been as patient and playful as ever.

So what’s in store????

First- we’re making the move to Seamless and expanding our delivery range- stay tuned!

Second- we’re filling the calendar for New Year’s festivities, art shows, artist salons and events, movies, swap meets, and more! Check back for updates and info on how to get involved.

Email to be added to our event email list & follow us on twitter @luckylunany to stay in the loop!




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