Adios Winter, Bienvenida Spring!!!

Lucky Luna celebrated its one month anniversary not too long ago and what a month it was!!

We rode into the Year of the Horse with utter enthusiasm. Zagat did a sweet little shout-out listing us among the 12 Must Try Chinese Restaurants to ring in the new year and packed the house!

Rolling into February, Lucky Luna was the home for celebrating new and old friendships, current and prospective lovers, and a birthday or two…..

Lucky Chef Howard Jang and his “Peking” Duck Confit Bao recipe were featured by Brooklyn Cooking.  And the Lucky Luna team served up the rising star bao for a fundraiser benefitting the Urban Assembly Bronx Academy of Letters, a fantastic high school full of brilliant young people and dedicated teachers.  Needless to say, word quickly spread throughout the event and a consistent line of bao fans graced our table, with many repeat eaters.

We’ve also enjoyed a month of gastronomic and cocktail experiments that have resulted in a few staples.

One of these such experiments that had slowly been cultivated over some serious home brunching and perfected at Lucky Luna, is our Kimchee and Nori Bloody Mary, which Libby VanderPloeg highlights in her “Recipes Gone Wild” section of 

In the process of making all of these delicious drinks, we managed to break three hand-held juicers in less than two weeks on what may be the toughest limes known to humankind, that, or we just have some seriously strong grips.  So we upgraded to the mega model.

Last but not least, the Lucky Luna crew enjoyed their first family field trip to see our very own Meg V Snead sing her heart out at the Legion last week.  A “Jill” of all trades, Meg sings, plays the ukulele, is a cinematographer, steadicam operator and photographer in addition to being a kickass server! Her folky rendition of “Gangsta’s Paradise” on the uke complemented by her bf David’s master beat boxing, is simply delightful.

And so now, as we all patiently await a sunny spring that sticks, Lucky Luna is preparing to add to the lunch AND brunch offerings on “This Side of McGuinness”!!!!!!!!!!!! Check us out next week to see what we came up with– but don’t worry, this weekend we are still serving up our Kimchee and Nori Bloody Mary AND our Tequila Maria.


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