The tunnel is beginning to see more light

What a busy few weeks the LL crew has had! In our absentia from the blog world, we have been continuing our journey building and branding Lucky Luna, balancing extreme productivity with extreme patience.  Timelines are strange creatures when it comes to opening a restaurant— twisting and turning and folding back on themselves.  The pace is good, however.  Now it appears that every two steps forward are indeed two steps forward, with perhaps only a slight slip back, or just to the side rather.

Since our last post, the bar and backbar have been put together, wallpaper has been painted, the benches built and tables refinished.  With the leftover wood and scraps from all of the major construction, we managed to build a wine rack and small shelf that Ken thinks looks like a robot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also made stencils, dressed up a couple walls and fancied up a salvaged shelving unit, while Howard tested out some pozole recipes.  Drake found none of it amusing.

And of course, we did more sanding.

We also squeezed in a short trip through the midwest to see loved ones, enjoy the Ohio Turnpike, fill our bellies with pumpkin cheesecake and tap our toes to the tunes of the Sugar Beets straight out of Michigan.

We were also fortunate enough to help out at the Taste 4 the Philippines fundraiser this past week, co-sponsored by TALDE, Thistly Hill Tavern, Pork Slope and The Green Building, to benefit the typhoon victims.  Restaurants from all over NYC donated their time and talent to offer guests tasty treats and libations from the Philippines and beyond.  Those who were not able to participate, gave generously to the silent auction.  Thanks to the organizing efforts and an amazing turnout, the event brought in over 30 grand in donations!

On Thursday, Lucky Luna finally got an awning of its very own!!!!

AND the long awaited piece of paper that means so very much, has been bestowed upon us at last!!!!


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