It’s been a big week for the Lucky Luna crew.  

We made a few trips to Hartsdale to start working with a DIY (Do-it-yourself) program to build our bar and back bar.  We have the hard work ethics and creativity juices flowing a plenty, but carpentry skills … could be a wee bit more developed.  It has been a great and challenging experience— from picking out the wood to literally making the cuts to form the bar.  We chose a beautiful Ambrosia Maple.  The once normal maple tree is infested with the little ambrosia beetle that burrows and tunnels through the wood, leaving these watercolor-like stains in its wake.  The tree is then susceptible to a spalt fungus, which combined with the beetle’s traces, creates unique and intricate ink-like blue, black, pink and purple swirls and splashes.

Ambitious and enthusiastic, we plunged right in.  But like most anything that is worth it, the process always takes longer than you’d think.  Even still, being outdoors, amidst the changing leaves and crisp autumn air, while hard work, has been a welcome respite of sorts to the city runnings to Home Depot and departments of this and that, procuring all of the equipment, certificates and permits and applications necessary to open doors.

And we haven’t been the only busy ones.  Our awesome team has been working at lightning speed to get the brick and mortar outfitted with a new ceiling and solid and sturdy frame for our bar top. 

Last but certainly not least, we have passed the halfway point for our Kickstarter campaign!  It’s thrilling and encouraging to have received so much support and love.  The scary part is the fact that if we do not hit our goal of 28k, we will NOT receive ANYTHING 😦  We are over halfway to meeting it with only 11 days left!!!! 

We are simply asking that our friends, family and fans continue to share our story and campaign. No contribution is too small (or too big!).  We have also added another prize tier! Our hoodies have gotten so much love, we decided to offer them as a full on reward.  Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, too! 



Ken, Howard and Marisa 


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