Moving along…

Friends, family, and fans!

This past week has been great! Full of progress, surprises, and tons of continued support— emotional, financial, and creative! A heaving heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone!

For those of you awesome people who follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you know that last week we (finally) got the keys to Lucky Luna’s new home and began the construction/remodeling process.  We have continued this process and now have the framework for the bar being built, the ceiling getting some sound-proofing, new plumbing and electrical outfits, and much more!  We also, as many of you know, received a pleasant surprise with a shout out on Grub Street

The next few weeks will see even more changes structurally, but also internally as we fine-tune our plan of action and continue to promote and to tell the world we are coming!  We are also continuing our “getting to know you” process with our Greenpoint neighbors.  Every day we are greeted by locals peeking their heads in, peering in gaps in the windows and stopping for cheerful chats while we’re sitting on the front steps, asking us what’s in store for their block.

To say the least, every day that we have these interactions, we confirm we have made the right choice in choosing a location at 167 Nassau Avenue.  We have also been relishing in Greenpoint’s delicious Polish fair from stuffed cabbages and tripe soups to tasty pastries and cold Tyskie beer 🙂

And the scenery is as beautiful and charming as its residents.  McGlorick Park is our new favorite people watching and quick nap-grabbing spot for us to savor the last warm days of fall. 

Enjoy some of the pics we have captured of the last week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if you still haven’t heard about our Kickstarter campaign, please check it out! We need all the support that you all have given us thus far to continue.  Lucky Luna wouldn’t exist without you! Check for your names on our supporters and major supporters pages! 

A billion thanks to all!!

Don’t forget to follow us @LuckyLunaNY for tweets n grams 🙂


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