Welcome to New York!

Moving across the country is almost like moving to another country— the culture, the climate, and the cuisine change dramatically from California to New York.  Palm trees are replaced by pines and cool sea salt kissed breezes become “refreshing” gusts of air from the train whizzing past as you wait in a sauna of a subway.  The once encroaching fog that enveloped what was a perfectly sunny day never comes, leaving that epic Sunday funday to become an epic  night on the stoop with the neighbors.

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The journey to make New York feel like “home” is not over, but we are sure enjoying the process.

From discovering the best ramen at Ipudo to the awesome Coronitas and Sauza special at Soft Spot, getting our gluttony fest on at Radegast Hall and watching a Russian wedding party knock a few pins down at Brooklyn Bowl

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Enjoying the million wonderful and free offerings the city has, like the Staten Island ferry, movies in the park, and concerts galore!

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And partaking of the finer things NYC has to offer like Broadway shows, ballets, museums, world-renown restaurants…

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And other fun happenings like stumbling upon an “ecstatic” dance party at an East Village church or simply wandering through markets, fleas, beautiful parks, gardens, beaches and streets, spotted with colorful characters…

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Not to forget New York’s tourist destinations, famous architecture, and quintessential landmarks…

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The culture, comedy, celebrities and celebrations…

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Sharing important events with the rest of the city like the Presidential Election, the Occupy movement (with Russell Simmons), and the aftermath of hurricanes Irene and Sandy…

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And of course, our personal journeys— taking photography lessons, brushing up on our Mandarin, going to grad school, making new friends, adopting a puppy and even breaking a wrist, have made these last few years unforgettable, filled with irreplaceable experiences.  We can’t wait for more…

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